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shouts out

can't seem to get on now

hey cracker yea was on a bit but was pretty empty when I was on by the way hows it going

I see you have been playing COD Taygar

Where are you Skitz.. ?>


will be on tonight for a game of waw if anyones keen

Yep, Merry Xmas to all!!

Christmas to all* lol


Hey Cracker, we will have to catch up for a chat mate, been a crazy month for me. Will tell ya about it when we chat.

My last game in WOT was march 30 lol , Had a bit of a break from the game.

Installed WOT the other day im back to attack

Oh Merry christmas all HO HO HO

Well Well you moved Skitz , For work purposes mate ?


good to here m8

Yeah i should be online again properly again by the end of next week, just moved place so this internet connection takes time. Keen tho when I'm connected properly again!

atm it's just jump on when u can and see how u go but we need to orgainze something at some stage would be good to catch up with everyone

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Changing Phonetic names and How you see names in your TS list.
Moderators: Skitz619, MSTRSNPR, Lizardking
Author Post
Sun Sep 12 2010, 11:46AM
Registered Member #7
Joined: Tue Oct 20 2009, 09:07AM
Posts: 1832
While I'm on the TS3 band wagon thought I'd show you how to edit the Phonetic Nickname of people that join in our TS

Phonetic for those who don't know, is just meaning, how the default lady says the name of the person entering.

There are a few that either just don't sound right, or are just damn annoying.

Ok go to Tools > Contacts

To change click on a players name I am using GSgt.Papa-Tom=GW=B as my example first. For the simple reason when He enters, or anyone else with lots of symbols comes in the default speech says GST dot Papa-Tom Equals GW equals B, which personally annoys me, very distracting.

Ok so you click the players name, then in the general tab you will see Phonetic Nickname

Change this to what ever you want, I have obviously changed it to papa tom.

It is now fixed !

Another issue that I found is when people come in with different names,
it is handy to go into your contacts list go to the display tab and select show Custom name and nickname.
This way, if they change their name trying to be sneaky it will tell you who it is.

You will have to do this for all contacts individually.

If you add ppl in as a contact in your list they will be green,
if they are banned from our TS3 they will be red and if they are
black they are other people that have joined but not added as a contact on your list.

I personally like to try to add everyone that I see come into our teamspeak, member or non member.

That way I know if it is someone new or if someone has just changed their name.

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